What Affects Male Potency?

Potency is the ability to have sexual intercourse. Male potency is very finicky. It has a subtle mechanism that can be easily broken. It is usually maintained by emotional balance and good general health. Male potency includes such important characteristics as the degree of penile tension, the speed of erection, the course of the sex and its duration.

Guaranty of harmonious relationships

Often, potency decreases suddenly and for no apparent reason. Therefore, medical experts can’t easily answer the question of what affected potency in your particular case. Sometimes these are physical or organic factors, but in general, mental or emotional factors are more closely related to potency than physical. Sometimes reduced potency is associated with some unconscious problems that block normal sexual desire.What-Affects-Male-Potency

Speaking about what affects male potency, we can not but mention the male hormones of androgens, especially the most important of them – testosterone. The testosterone macho will have large muscles, a hard and strong character. Such men are not always successful in life, including success with women. Male power is a combination of androgens and wit.

Low self-esteem very often leads to the fact that erection quickly disappears. Sometimes the reason hides in the events of the past when a mental trauma in childhood causes sexual problems in the present. In addition, male potency depends on a woman in many ways. A woman with a high sexual desire can boost her partner’s libido.

Why do I have erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a persistent failure to achieve and maintain an erection. In order to get an erection, several parts of the body should work together.

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The brain sends a message about sexual arousal to the penis through the nervous system. This message makes the muscles relax along the walls of the cavernous bodies.

At the same time, the arteries in the penis expand, and the flow of blood to the penis increases. As a result, the cavernous bodies are filled with blood, and the penis becomes hard. If you interfere with the work of any of these systems, it will be difficult to get or maintain an erection.

We can’t say for sure when erectile dysfunction occurs in men. It depends on a number of reasons. About 20 years ago, impotence was considered a psychological problem in 80% of cases. Doctors could not find causes of erectile dysfunction in hormonal problems and ailments, and therefore they blamed an emotional sphere.

Over time, medical views on impotence have changed. Our staff has made up a whole list of diseases that cause erectile dysfunction:

  • Cardiovascular diseases. The male genitalia have many blood vessels, so if the heart “sluggishly” pumps blood or blood vessels clogged with cholesterol, there is no reason for a good erection;
  • Diabetes mellitus and other hormonal disorders are closely related to the state when erectile dysfunction occurs in men. It has been proven that a slight decrease in blood sugar levels can lead to a sharp increase in erection and the quality of sexual life;
  • The third disease is obesity;
  • Cancer can damage the nerves or arteries that are vital for erection;
  • Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries can lead to impotence.
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Reduced sexual desire can occur because of such psychological problems as:

  • Depression. This condition is a common cause of decreased sexual desire;
  • Alcoholism. Chronic alcoholism can reduce sexual desire;
  • Smoking. Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels. This can reduce the flow of blood to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction;
  • Severe anxiety. Most men who have a weak sexual desire experienced great stress because of work or family;
  • Situational psychological problems. Some men do not want to have sex only in certain situations or with certain people. Because of negative relationships, men may not be able to achieve an erection with their partner, but being away, do not experience the slightest problem in the sexual sphere.

Early warning signs of erectile dysfunction

The first symptoms of erectile dysfunction include the inability to get and maintain an erection for full sexual intercourse. This problem should not be confused with premature ejaculation.

Sometimes the inability to achieve an erection occurs only in certain situations. For example, a man has an erection during masturbation, or he wakes up with an erection, but can not reach it with his sexual partner. In these conditions, the main cause of impotence is psychological. However, if a man is unable to achieve an erection under any circumstances, it is likely that the main reason is physical.

If the first signs of impotence are observed for more than a few weeks, you should see a doctor. The specialist will assess the overall health state because sexual problems may be the first sign of more serious diseases.

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How to restore potency?

When the treatment of basic physical or psychological problems can not restore potency, a man can consider one of the following solutions:

  • Drugs for erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). These popular medications for erectile dysfunction treatment help 80% of men with weak potency. All that a man needs to do is take a tablet of the drug an hour before sexual activity. However, there are some contraindications for the use of these pills and you need to consult a doctor;
  • Vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction. With the help of a pump, the air is extracted from the cylinder, creating a vacuum that facilitates the flow of blood into the penis. However, if not properly handled, the male vacuum pump may not restore potency, but damage the penis;
  • Injection for erectile dysfunction. One or more drugs can be injected into the penis to increase blood flow. The injection is almost painless and produces a more natural erection than a vacuum device or implant. Nevertheless, the dosage must be observed. In rare cases, an erection does not disappear after ejaculation, which may require surgical intervention;
  • Penile implants for erectile dysfunction can be used as an alternative if the above procedures did not produce the desired result. However, there is a 10% chance that the implant will not work properly during the first five years, although this problem can be fixed.