Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are always here to help you and provide advice when needed, for the availability of the drugs, treatment of diseases, instructions for use. At Pharmacy Mall, we strive to be the best provider of pharmaceutical care. We strive to make your experience with our company as pleasant as possible. We are always available to answer any questions that you may have.

Our team

George TerrillGeorge Terrill, Head Pharmacist

  • Pharmacy School: University of Texas
  • Pharmacist Since: 1997

George Terrill is passionate about the health of people and knows the best ways of keeping well-being. He was born in Houston, Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. During his 21 years as a pharmacist, he realized that he truly loves his job of helping people recover their health. He is especially interested in functional medicine and respects herbal treatment. He is a real expert in hormonal medications for men and women. In addition, George is proud to be a sportsman – he plays nearly every kind of sport available, thus trying to keep healthy. At the moment, he is actively practicing Crossfit, swimming and running with his dog, Jessy. Being the head pharmacist of Pharmacy Mall, George enjoys communicating with customers and making sure they understand how to use the drug and have all the information needed.

Lemuel RobyLemuel Roby, Pharmacist

  • Pharmacy School: University of California
  • Pharmacist Since: 1999

Lemuel Roby graduated in 1998 from the University of California. His early years have been spent working at small drugstores, as he values the relationships he has built with his clients. He has all the necessary information about how to be healthy and keep well-being. His position at Pharmacy Mall allows him to practice a professional approach to communicating with customers. He enjoys learning about all of the drugs that go on sale. Lemuel is able to consul you on side effects, interactions, availability, instructions for use, and many other issues. When he is online, you can be sure you are getting a caring and professional piece of advice.

Sadie SimonSadie Simon, Pharmacist

  • Pharmacy School: University of West Virginia
  • Pharmacist Since: 2011

Sadie Simon grew up in Fairmont, West Virginia and started his career in Pharmacy Mall in 2011 after she graduated from the University of West Virginia. She continued received her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2014. Sadie’s certifications include asthma products, antibiotics and basic medications for well-being.

In Sadie’s free time, she enjoys swimming and playing tennis and even outside of the drugstore, she regularly tries to learn something new, especially if it can be useful for her customers. Sadie strives to educate them and always tries to exceed their expectations.

Iris DavisIris Davis, Pharmacist

  • Pharmacy School: University of Oklahoma
  • Pharmacist Since: 2013

Iris Davis was born in Muskogee but raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. When studying in the University, she made a major pharmaceutical research and wrote numerous works on medication therapies. Iris’ certifications include immunizations, birth control pills and basic medications for well-being.

Iris enjoys music, sports, dancing and spending time with her family. Her parents worked in the pharmaceutical business as well so her passion for helping people can be easily explained. The women worked in several pharmacies and says that Pharmacy Mall is the best place she can imagine.